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Apple is Changing the Way We Learn

iBooks Author has a great potential in education. Teachers can create customized iBooks for students to read, or use those iBooks along with courses on iTunes U, and students can make iBooks as an assessment or presentation for learning topics. On the other hand, iTunes U will become a convenient tool at teachers’ disposal. Apple just announced to let any teacher publish any course on iTunes U with ease. Now iPads have strengthened its role as a teaching/learning device that facilitate open-ended learning activities, and also iPad sales to the education market are significantly ramping up.

The new features, aimed at K-12 teachers who use iPads in the classroom, allow teachers to create up to 12 private courses. Within each course, teachers can point students to curriculum across lots of different (mostly Apple-powered) media such as iBooks, textbooks, apps, videos and Pages and Keynote documents.

The new iTunes U also includes a tool for students to take timestamped notes inside a video…

Some classrooms had already crafted their own learning materials as a learning process itself, including writing their own textbooks. Like  Andrea Santilli and her seventh graders at Woodlawn Beach Middle School. Their eBook, Creatures, Plants and More: A Kids Guide to Northwest Florida, is a top seller in Apple iBookstore. Andrea and her Advanced Life Science students used iBooks Author to create their highly interactive eBook. All of the photos in the book are ones in which students took themselves. The same goes for the book’s videos. More details are in: Superstar 7th Graders Publish Their Own eBook to the iBookstore.

iBooks Author, publish textbooksLearning isn’t about the Apps, so Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (Australia) has built an iBook as a guidebook for schools: iBooks Author Guide for Schools(get the iBook in the post link). You also can find some other helpful iBooks Author tutorials and websites: (referred by Tony Vincent’s post: )

In higher education, more colleges turn away from textbooks and embrace iPads: (College only has eyes for iPads)

All student and faculty at Regis College will get iPads when the fall semester begins, the latest in a growing number of educational institutions to take the digital leap to tablets.

What’s more, all students at the small Weston campus will take Apple’s popular tablet with them upon graduation…

Though the iPad will not entirely replace textbooks, that’s the direction the college plans to go in, Botelho said.

Apple is changing the way we learn step by step. Some said iPads could be the biggest thing to happen to the classroom gadget market since the overhead projector. But we should remember it’s not iPads that can enable this change, it’s how we use technologies that makes a difference.

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