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Remix Culture as an Educator’s Habit

creative commons -Franz Patzig-

creative commons -Franz Patzig- (Photo credit: A. Diez Herrero)

Judy O’Connell is a lecturer in Faculty of Education at Charles Sturt University, she is also in Advisory Board for Horizon K-12 Project. She likes to talk with you for 10 minutes about creativity, creative commons, and working with images in online spaces. Whether it’s blogging, creating presentations teachers need to be able to work quickly, with excitement, and be able to model design and management principles.
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This is based on the fact that I want teachers to understand remix culture (when it comes to images); use of creative commons and various sources of free images; image attribution; and visual presentation for blogging and creating presentations. With the 10-minute presentation I also included one of the regular updates that I provided my teacher/students in the Digital Citizenship in Schools subject to help springboard ideas.

The trick of course is to engage teachers from all ends of the spectrum of ICT prowess. So for the newbies, an introduction to flickr and other CC image sources is a must. For the geeks an introduction to tools like Alan Levines wonderful FlickrCC Image Attribution Helper is a must!

Watch another presentation from Judy for ideas of leading the learning revolution through digital tools and games here:
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Educators are the leaders in new learning paradigm, and every teacher matters!

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