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Evaluating Mobile Learning : Places Project

The Places project is led by the University of Leicester and funded by JISC, to evaluate the use of iPads in learning at the university. In this distance learning programme, every student is sent an iPad and is given instructions to download a custom-made app for the course. Students taking part in this programme are located anywhere in the world, and often in conflict zones. The project name ‘Places’ is highlighting the ‘anywhere’ affordance of mobile technology in learning.

Terese Bird, Project Learning Technologist and SCORE Research Fellow at University of Leicester, has created a blog and a Mendeley group called MobileLearn HE for information sharing. He also pointed to several useful resources for reference. A mobile learning infokit from JISC  is one of them. The Mobile Learning infoKit is a developing resource from JISC infoNet launched at ALT-C 2011 alongside the new JISC publication Emerging Practice in a Digital Age (September 2011). Augmenting the Emerging Practiceguide, this infoKit is a practical guide for educational institutions planning to implement a mobile learning initiative. Here is a slideshare outlining the infokit.
[slideshare id=9137363&doc=mobilelearninginfokitoverviewforslideshare-110905082211-phpapp02]

At launch, the Mobile Learning infoKit comprises a wiki-based resource collating information and guidance from JISC and other sources. It will develop to include a section on future trends, incorporate additional examples, and be made available in a variety of formats. It’s an open licensed resource! (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License)

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