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Curriki Launches Free Interactive, Project-Based Algebra Course

By Kim Jones, CEO, Curriki

Curriki has launched a free Algebra 1 course that addresses each of the Common Core State Standards. This algebra course was sponsored and funded by AT&T and developed by Curriki. The online project-based modular course pulls in students through real-world examples, engaging projects, interactive Web 2.0 tools, videos and targeted feedback. With its modular design it can be used as a supplementary resource, as the foundation for students’ Algebra 1 curriculum, in after-school programs or in a homeschooling environment.

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Description on the Algebra course developed by Curriki:

This course consists of five units aligned to the Common Core. Each unit culminates in a project that utilizes mastery of conceptual understanding taught in the individual lessons.

open educational resources, OERUnit 1: Relationships between Quantities and Reasoning with Equations

Unit 2: Linear and Exponential Relationships

Unit 3: Descriptive Statistics

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations

Unit 5: Quadratic Functions and Modeling

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