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Educators Are Well Positioned to Be Game Designers

Educators are well positioned to be game designers, but a lot of times teachers don’t feel that way because they don’t play games. Raymond Yan, senior vice president of DigiPen Institute of Technology and 2012 NAIS ( National Association of Independent Schools) Annual Conference speaker talks about how you can teach with games.

He discussed the game-making process and how students can learn during this process. Game development as a teaching tool isn’t necessarily using high technologies. Teachers could just bring the concepts and set the rules to facilitate the iterations of learning.


The game helps to put the context and create visual connection, so the likelihood the learners are going to remember the information is significantly higher than just passively looking at a bunch of letters.

Are you inspired by game designer Raymond Yan after watching his talks about how learning can be fostered though the use of game play?

game-based learning

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