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Computational Thinking: A Digital Age Skill for All

Preparing students for their future in a rapidly changing world.  A video from ISTE, CSTA, and NSF tells you how. (Scooped by Jean-Charles Blondeau onto Education 3.0, that’s where we came across this introductory video)

This video points to a computational thinking (CT) resource page on ISTE, the following free resources are provided.

logic thinking

The CT Toolkit - You can use resources in the CT Toolkit for conference presentations, study groups, or meetings with educators, parents, community, or industry leaders.

CT Discussion Forum on ISTE’s Ning

L&L article: “Computational Thinking: A Digital Age Skill for Everyone

ACM Inroads article: “Bringing CT to K-12: What Is Involved and What Is the Role of the Computer Science Education Community?”

Letting students design computer games, learning how to code, writing an interactive story, even building and playing on Minecraft, there are a variety of ways to establish CT skills. We all need to learn how to make computers work for us. Actually learning coding is like learning new languages, the languages to communicate with computers.

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