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Taking Actions for Digital Literacy

Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action

Every persons needs a set of competencies that enable them to use technology, access information, critically analyze media messages, and create using multimedia skills.  In a white paper by Renee Hobbs, supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Aspen Institute, ten action steps are proposed as a way to improve digital and media literacy education.

Renee Hobbs outlines a plan with specific steps that policymakers, educators, and community advocates can take to develop a community education movement for digital and media literacy. (Check out Hobbs Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action)

Renee Hobbs gives the keynote address at the Metropolitan New York Library Council on January 15, 2013.

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About Powerful Voices for Kids Program

The mission of the Powerful Voices for Kids program is to strengthen children’s abilities to think for themselves, communicate effectively using language and technology tools, and use their powerful voices to contribute to the quality of life in their families, their schools, their communities, and the world.

Powerful Voices for Kids brings a comprehensive program of digital and media literacy education to K-12 schools. Partners include the Russell Byers Charter School (Philadelphia),Wayne Elementary School (Radnor)and the Jubillee School in West Philadelphia.  We provide a comprehensive approach to integrating digital and media literacy education into the curriculum.

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