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The Shift From Cohorts to Competency [Infographic]

The Shift From Cohorts to Competency” is the fourth DLN Smart Series white paper released in collaboration with Getting Smart.

This paper outlines how schools and districts can ensure every student gains the necessary skills to graduate college and career ready by shifting to competency-based education. (View the infographic below) Also check out another policy paper titled “Data Backpacks: Portable Records & Learner Profiles,” recently released by Digital Learning Now!, which outlines how a portable gradebook of data that will help teachers begin personalizing from day one and how expanded profiles will drive recommendation engines and incorporate portfolios of personal bests.

When learning is personalized to meet the needs of individual learners, everyone wins. Taken together, the Data Backpack and the Learner Profile can power personalization and protect privacy. The Data Backpack ensures that personalized learning begins on Day One. The Learner Profile powers a personalized pathway toward college and career readiness. Customized learning, informed by enhanced and expanded student data, will boost motivation and achievement—keeping more students on track for college and career readiness.

Digital learning should bring personalized learning to every learner.

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