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5 New Free Tools for iPad Classrooms Worth Your Attention (#iPadEd)

Several new tools might be worth your attention for flipped classrooms or iPads classrooms. These tools are all free to use and meet different needs.

GoClass (beta)

Instructors can string together resources in a lesson plan format along with lecture notes and questions for formative assessment through a single app, and then deliver it through the same app. What’s more, these lesson plans can be created and modified during class session.

iPad classroom


When using the lesson for conducting a classroom session, the instructor can define the settings for that particular session.

  • Flipback – Allows students to browse teacher broadcasts while in the session
  • Bookmark – Bookmarked items may be viewed after session
  • Sleep Mode – Instructor can control app screen for both instructor and student iPads
  • Communication Mode- Instructor can switch from default cloud communication to WiFi mode


Project feature can be used when device is connected to an external projector. It allows instructor to project videos, images, documents, questions, lecture notes. It also allows realtime projection of scribbles, annotations and results of formative assessments.


During a classroom session this feature allows instructor to share resources (all resources except Video) and ask questions which are pre-authored in the lesson plans with students. The answers that the students submit can be viewed in realtime.

(Please check the website for more details)


Use bContext to present on iPad and transform static files into engaging communications. This app is similar with ExplainEverything, but it’s free.

There’s no need for high-end equipment or fancy editing skills. With bContext users can add hand writing notations and narrative to static documents (such as PDF, PPT, or any image). Present on iPad and use bContext to record sessions transforming complex ideas into engaging multimedia communications. Share the links you create for free on Social Networks. Or share them by email or with private groups with a pro subscription. Anyone will be able to view the recorded sessions, on any computer or mobile phone by simply using their browser.

iPad classroom


Add your video recording to your slides side by side, directly on your iPad. It’s as easy as in these 3 steps:

  • Import your presentation slides on to your iPad
  • Record yourself presenting using the iPad camera
  • Publish and share with every one

Be it your classroom lecture material, Parent teacher communication or student project, 9slides online platform allows you to create interactive presentations online without any specialized hardware or software.


Turn any book or document(including web article) into a digital classroom. This social reading app is getting more focused on education.

social readingSubtext is a free iPad app that allows classroom groups to exchange ideas in the pages of digital texts. You can also layer in enrichment materials, assignments and quizzes—opening up almost limitless opportunities to engage students and foster analysis and writing skills.

Here’s what you can read in Subtext today:

  • Free ebooks : Search for thousands of free books from Google Books and Feedbooks, all within Subtext.
  • Premium Books : Get free previews of premium ebooks available through Google Books. (help with Volume Purchase)
  • Web Articles : Clip and discuss web articles, blog posts or public domain content using ‘Save to Subtext’, available in the app or on the web.
  • Any ePub (Word, PDF) : Convert any doc to ePub and read with your class. Native PDF support is coming soon!
  • Recommended : Browse recommended book lists by grade level. Try Free, Common Core-aligned or Web content.

Subtext is even aligned with the Common Core Standards. Subtext naturally aligns with the close reading, critical analysis and writing skills that are core to the Common Core. In the iPad app, students can tag key concepts, write chapter-end blog posts, or take quizzes. In the Edmodo app, students can reply to your prompts on the Web. (example : Common Core-aligned annotations in our Black History Month lesson.)


Cometdocs has been present on the market for four years as a free file conversion tool, attracting millions of users. But they just revamped the entire service and transformed it into a fully free document management web tool without Ads.

Users will now be able to:

  • Convert their files between 30 possible file formats
  • Store files online
  • Share them with friends privately or publicly – with full control over privacy and sharing settings
  • Transfer large files to others easily and effectively.

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