The World is Your Classroom.

See The World from The Perspective of Leadership

Today’s President’s Day, Annie Vincent from picked 5 trending boards on Learnist about leadership. Let’s see the world from the perspective of leadership!

1. Educational Leadership: Leadership in education is not rocket science…….so why is it done so baadly so often?


2. Leadership: This will focus on leadership and the development of leadership traits.


3. Value Based Leadership: Sherri Gosselin Raedar brings learnings and videos from the 2011 Leadership Symposium showcasing people of outstanding leadership. She also collects valuable leadership readings.


4. K-12 Technology Leadership: A collection of K-12 technology leadership resources and tools to plan and create successful teaching and learning environments.


5. 21st Century Leaders: Connected Principals: This board spotlights some of the best administrator websites, and gives suggestions to educational leaders in getting “connected” and making best use of common social media platforms.


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