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Make An eBook out of A Bunch of Resources Right Away

When more and more contents are digital and available online for free or for a affordable fee,  it makes creating and sharing digital stuffs much easier and flexible. And the innovations of software from new ideas are growing everyday.

What’s a Readlist? A group of web pages—articles, recipes, course materials, anything—bundled into an e-book you can send to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone. This is from the same people who created Readability. This company is also the creator of some popular applications like Flipboard, iCab Mobile.

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The process is easy:

  • Go to Readlists
  • Paste URLs of articles or websites that you want to share with others
  • Give your list a description and a title
  • Send the book to the device of your choice (Kindle, iOS, Readmill, email, or download to desktop)
  • Even embed it into your website
  • Share your ePUb via social media like Twitter and Facebook or on websites.

You can also create an editable list that allows other users to add additional content to the list.

You could use Readlists to create course packets. Since the ebooks can be sent to Readmill – an social reading application – so actually the students can send back to you their responses too. Is it cool?!

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