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MERLOT Supports Mobile Learning

MERLOT – Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching –  is a free and open online community of resources designed primarily for faculty, staff and students of higher education from around the world to share their learning materials and pedagogy. It’s a very important Open Educational Resources (OER) repository.

MERLOT has developed new Mobile Learning Portal to support users to develop strategies and plans for using mobile devices in teaching and learning; to choose “best practices” for faculty and staff to design and use mobile applications; and to find existing mobile apps that can be reused and/or adapted for instructional purposes.


The free MERLOT OER Search App for iOS and Android‐based mobile devices searches the MERLOT database for Open Educational materials. An extension of MERLOT’s unique proprietary search and system access technologies, the MERLOT OER Search App enables mobile users to retrieve detailed, discipline‐based information on thousands of Open Courses, Open Texts, and Open Journal articles directly from MERLOT’s internationally renowned digital library. (For
more information, visit :

MERLOT OER search mobile app

Retrieved information includes comments, ratings, related learning exercises, and peer review information stored in MERLOT’s digital library, with links directly to the learning materials in the hit list. And you can easily share findings with colleagues via your mobile device.

MERLOT also has a Blackberry Search app that searches the entire MERLOT collection. Hit lists include links directly to the learning materials to allow the material to be viewed in the Blackberry browser.

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Find Strategies for Mobile Learning

Leveraging MERLOT Services and Tools

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Those who are unfamiliar with online education should consider looking into the vast selection of degrees that are offered via the internet. Achieving a degree online requires just as much studying, focus, and dedication as a conventional degree, but it is much easier to plan around a tight schedule. With online education, it is easy to start earning your MSEM, or Master of Science in Engineering Management. It is even possible to obtain a doctorate via online schools. These schools are certainly not going anywhere soon, and services like MERLOT are a great contribution to the growing world of web-based universities.

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