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Online Session : #OER and Mobile Learning (#mlearning)

Open Educational Resources(OER) and mobile learning are both equalizers to eliminate education opportunity gap. Today mobile technologies are often common even in areas where schools, books and computers are scarce. As the price of mobile phone ownership continues to decline, more and more people, including those in extremely impoverished areas, are likely to own and know how to use a mobile device.

The same is true in developed countries. In 1990s, people danced in pop concerts, now they all participate with their mobile phones (image is from KPCB Mary Meeker’s presentation) Technology has now developed to the point where people can use their mobile phones to assist with their online education. There are a plethora of excellent degrees that can be obtained online, allowing anyone to receive an education that can jump start their career. Once one is enrolled in online classes they can use their mobile phones to check their grades and see if they have any homework. Using mobile technology allows students to be constantly on top of things, as many of these internet-based schools provide 24/7 access to coursework.

OER and Mobile Learning

Now the best way to reach learners is through their mobile phone. Intelligent mobile devices which are already in the pockets of billions of people, can give students greater flexibility to move at their own pace and follow their own interests, potentially increasing their motivation to pursue learning opportunities. They do not replace but rather complement existing educational investments such as textbooks, infrastructure, hardware, training and content. (from UNESCO Policy Guideline for Mobile Learning)

We are going to provide a session about “OER and Mobile Learning” on 10:30 ~ 11:30 AM, CST, Sep. 20, 2013.(check out your time zone)

You can say it’s an online course session, but it’s not like a traditional online course – let’s try something different.

The course content includes :

  • A Google document with reading content and links to an interactive course package and other slides, participants can add your comments on the Google document in real time.
  • The interactive course package can be played on any device and browser, it contains designed learning interactions , questions with instant feedback and a little quiz at the end. This is a manifest itself of mobile learning examples.

The course will be put online on this website and on OER MOOC course site one hour before our online session starts. (that’s 9:30, CST, check out your time zone)

From 10:30 ~ 11:30, please all participants chat with #OERMOOC on Twitter. Dr. Sharma and we will moderate the tweets during the chatting time, that is, our online session duration, and then we’ll collect all participants’ conversations by using Storify and publish on this site.

The reason we design this session in this way is because we believe online course should not be an one-way transmission, the participation from you will make the story more relevant and meaningful. One major spirit of successful learners is participation.

If you like to contribute your opinions to this online session before we finalize the course content, please do so right now, email : .

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