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Why and How-To of Mobile Learning (#mlearning)

Why Mobile Learning?

The benefits of mobile learning :
Benefit 1 : Expand the reach and equity of education
Benefit 2 – Facilitate Personalized Learning
Benefit 3 – Provide immediate feedback and assessment
Benefit 4 – Enable anytime, anywhere learning
Benefit 5 – Ensure the productive use of time in classrooms
Benefit 6 – Build new communities of learners
Benefit 7 – Enhance seamless learning
Benefit 8 – Support Situated Learning
Benefit 9 – New Capabilities to Assist Normal Learners and Disabled Learners
Benefit 10 – Phasing Out Traditional Textbooks and Learning Style

How to Design Mobile Learning?

  • Mobile learning theories review
  • Moments of learning needs
  • Pedagogical framework for mobile learning
  • Possibilities of mlearning implementation
  • mLearning or Performance Support(PS) ?
  • PS Key Ingredients
  • Design considerations

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Why and How-to of Mobile Learning



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