2017 Education Innovation and Investment Forum

Do you have an innovative product/service for children education which solves a problem or provides new value?

Innovations are precious, especially when they are driven by passion, but without financial sustainability, they won’t make the meaningful impact. How to commercialize and scale up innovations with sustainability? How to balance operational practices and innovative spirits?

Investors care about return on investment(ROI) metrics, need to balance visions and middle term goals. Considering the inertia of human behaviors and the shift of our society, they try to thrive at the intersection of change frontier and need-and-supply gap.

This forum is to create an intersection of innovations and investment. We invite Tom Kalinske (linked to CrunchBase bio.) as the keynote speaker and other investors from China. Tom started his career specialized in introducing new products, later through his career he has made significant successes in different industries. He’s very experienced in building new markets for innovations. He has a special passion for education and believes that investing in education industry can make good profits and also bring great values to society and humans.

The main character is you — who is creating some innovation(s) in education. Probably you are…

  • A passionate developer or educator
  • An R&D team in educational organizations
  • A startup company
  • An educational organization with certain stable revenue

We invite you to participate as an exhibitor in 4th Beijing International Children’s Education and Products Exhibition. The exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase to Tom, other China investors, and VIP audiences composed of owners of after-school or private educational organizations in this Education Innovation and Investment forum. The forum will be broadcasted by China major media network.

All exhibitors also can showcase their product or service online to engage potential audiences through the year, including successful use cases (without revealing IP secrets), your vision, values, and differentiations. Maker, coding, robotics, and STEM education products are especially welcome because of the strong needs. But, we don’t draw the line to exclude other innovations.

Please make your inquiry to mlearning[at]classroomaid.org.