Global Impact of CS

The new Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles (CSP) course and exam launches in 2016-17. The CSP framework organizes foundational knowledge about computer science around seven “Big Ideas”. It expands the scope of expectations for high-school computer science beyond programming to the context, goals, uses, and implications of computer technology in the world — most broadly in Big Idea 7, “Global Impact”.

A resource curation — Teach Global Impact — was created by a collaborative of leading CS educators, based on multiple AP Computer Science Principles curriculum projects, sponsored by National Science Foundation.

Blown to Bits is a book about “your life, liberty and happiness after the digital explosion”.

Each of us has been in the computing field for more than 40 years. The book is the product of a lifetime of observing and participating in the changes it has brought. This book emerged from a general education course we have taught at Harvard, but it is not a textbook. We wrote this book to share what wisdom we have with as many people as we can reach. We try to paint a big picture, with dozens of illuminating anecdotes as the brushstrokes. We aim to entertain you at the same time as we provoke your thinking.

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