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There is Only One Classroom in The World. In this connected world, we are learners, we are teachers, we are pilgrims on the way. Distributed knowledge and connected networks are changing the learning paradigm, we build this node to connect, collaborate and create.

Our Vision

Building up meaningful projects, global networks and services to facilitate learning opportunities for individual learners and for organizations’ goals


  • Providing consultancy and research services on educational technology
  • Building courses for educator professional development
  • Building mobile Apps for education/training purposes


Co-founder: Jessie Chuang

With career experiences across different fields, Jessie has built capacities in researching, team and project management. She was a qualified Science teacher for secondary schools. And she pursued her master degree in Electronic Engineering, then worked in semiconductor foundry company for 10 years. In this period, she obtained more than 20 U.S. patents, and led a team of Research & Development. Then she transferred her career to become a business cost consultant for 5 years, worked with different levels from CEO to clerks to drive results.

She likes to learn ideas from diversified fields and always think of learning from learners’ points of view. Also, Jessie is a big advocate for Open Educational Resources(OER), an instructor of teacher PD courses and a researcher of educational technology and policy.

Co-founder: Henry Chen

With experience of digital circuit design, product quality assurance and high-level management in listed high technology company, Henry is the cornerstone of management and quality of our company operation.

Advisor: Paul Schneider, Ph.D.

Paul Schneider, Ph.D. Is currently  VP at dominKnow developers of Claro, the cloud based e/mLearning authoring system. Prior to joining dominKnow he worked with GeoLearning/sumTotal where he oversaw a variety of products including authoring tools, GeoLCMS, GeoEngage, WebEx, and GeoComptency Management. He also managed the training and content services and research and development divisions at GeoLearning. Before joining GeoLearning, Dr. Schneider developed, managed, and designed a variety of training programs for a number of groups at the University of Illinois including the School of Library Science, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Educational Psychology, Senior Programs, and Continuing Education using both traditional face-to-face and distance technology approaches. He received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2000). With these organizations Dr. Schneider has had the opportunity to work on a  variety of projects and assists a wide range of clients from size and type including Pfizer, Humana, Department of Interior, Pearson, and Cabela’s to name just a few.

Advisor: Mike W. Gou, Ph.D.

Mike is president of IPS TECH and has co-founded several technology companies. His experience and expertise in electronic industry and business operation provide us valuable perspectives for business development. He is the first supporter behind this company.

Programmer:  Patricia Chao

I’m an information system engineer that graduated from NTU in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2007 I won a scholarship to study and research in Germany, at the KIT. I took part in the Mobile Business research group and developed all by myself a Live Feedback System for mobile devices during lectures. I offer web and mobile solutions to companies as well as individuals. I’ve also worked in both SME and big companies such as Visa. For websites I code mainly in HTML5/CSS3 and PHP but I usually increase functionality with jQuery and other Javascript-based technologies. I also write mobile apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms.

Animation and Graphic Designer: Dave Nash

Dave Nash is a freelance graphics specialist based in Austin, Texas. His focus is on creating animations for instructional media, WordPress sites and various graphics and vector illustrations for anybody with money. He lives with his wife and two children amidst a quiet slice of middle-suburbia in the shadow of Lake Travis. He enjoys biking, making a bit of music, avoiding burning dinner, and generally spreading goodwill at every opportunity. You can see samples of his visual work on his website at

Author: Tess Pajaron

Tess Pajaron is part of Open Colleges, an online course provider based in Sydney, Australia. As an advocate to systematic instruction and teaching, she can also be found working behind InformED, a blog about e-learning and education. On her spare time, she loves to travel and read about life, instruction and psychology.

Author: Joe Pereira

Joe Pereira teaches English as a foreign language in Porto, Portugal. He specialises in digital game-based learning with a specific focus on Interactive Fiction (text adventures). To learn more about him, visit his blog: IF Only: Interactive Fiction and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Author: Karina Barley

Karina D. Barley (Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Diploma of Education, Master of Education) is an Australian teacher with over 20 years’ experience in both mainstream and special education schools and it was her interest in Autism and how to provide better educational opportunities for her students with autism that led her to iPads. Karina completed her Master in Education majoring in technology (specifically the use of iPads) and education and also trialed the use of iPads in her classroom for an entire year. She is now engaged in conducting Professional Development in Victoria, Australia for teachers in both primary and secondary schools and also works as an Autism Consultant.

Intern Editor and Author: Sarah Chen

Sarah Chen is a junior in high school. She examines articles and corrects spelling, grammar, or vocabulary mistakes, and occasionally writes articles for people too busy to do so. She is a deep thinker, a library volunteer, a winner of The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and a chocoholic bookworm. Available for writing commissioned articles and editing work.

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