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An Example of xAPI implementation

Developers, Are You Part of Learning Big Data Innovations? (#xAPI)


Big Data Rule the World, But Not Learning, yet. Big data and algorithms have decided our search results, social media and news feeds, ads we see, and even more. But we aren’t leveraging data power in our learning, they are in silos now. Differentiate with Data When driving a car, there is a dashboard to… Read More ›

MOOC coffee

Crowd-Sourced Learning in MOOCs

Do you know what it takes to learn effectively in a crowded but possibly lonely MOOC space? Are the required skills to learn in MOOC learnable? Findings from detailed studies of two MOOCs from the University of Melbourne: The Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills (ATC21S) MOOC, which registered over 18,000 participants, mostly experienced practising teachers; and Introduction to Macro-Economics… Read More ›

21st Century Learning Starts With IT Planning Infographic

21st Century Learning Starts With IT Planning (Infographic)

21st Century Learning Starts With IT Planning Infographic By now, 21st-century skills such as communication, creativity, and collaboration are on everyone’s radar. Your school may even have an ambitious plan for instilling 21st-century skills in your students. But the reality is these plans don’t get too far if your computers don’t work and you can’t… Read More ›

EdTech developer's guide from Office of Educational Technology, DOE

EdTech Developer’s Guide – 10 Opportunities

The Office of Eduational Technology just published a developer’s guide on behalf of US Department of Education, it’s called “A primer for software developers, startups, and entrepreneurs”. Opportunities abound for software designers and developers to create impactful tools for teachers, school leaders, students, and their families. This guide for developers, startups and entrepreneurs addresses key… Read More ›

The Really Useful EdTechBook

The Really Useful #EdTechBook

The Really Useful #EdTechBook is a book gathering experiences and thoughts from 16 educational technologists in online education, mobile learning, and technology enhanced learning. Its introduction, as below, is from the editor’s (David Hopkins) blog. Book description: Technology has invaded our working and recreational lives to an extent that few envisaged 20 or 30 years ago. We’d… Read More ›

Evolution of Learning Technologies [Infographic]

The Evolution of Learning Technologies | Open Colleges

Preparing For A Renaissance in Assessment

Preparing For A Renaissance in Assessment

The fundamental premises of personalised learning have been a part of the writings of educators for decades but have become a realisable dream in recent years, thanks to the advent of new digital technologies. What does personalised instruction look like in practice? First and foremost, it means putting the individual student at the center of the learning process and expecting them to achieve high standards…. Read More ›

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Working Out Loud to Build The Community Mind

An interesting infographic from :

big data, educational data mining

Developing Digital Learning Resources with Minimally Viable Product Model

Educators are just starting to appreciate the full potential of big data. For example, big data can be analyzed to create a picture of an individual learner’s course of learning, not just the level of proficiency attained but the way the learner allocated his or her time and used system resources to attain that proficiency…. Read More ›

Ten Useful Reports on #MOOCs and Online Education

Supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research, the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) is the leading global membership organization for open, distance, flexible and online education, including e-learning, and draws its membership from institutions, educational authorities, commercial actors, and individuals. ICDE was founded in 1938 in Canada as the International Council… Read More ›


Top 30 Applications of Google Glass in the Classroom

Good news for Edtech: There are so many ideas for Google Glass in Education! Check out this interactive infographic. How Google Glass might be used in Education – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges

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Designing Learning Environment Architectures

A desire to customise and personalise learning experiences, combined with the rise of a number of new tool integration technologies has led to a move away from monolithic Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs, also known as Learning Management Systems ‘LMSs’) towards more open and Distributed Learning Environments (DLEs). The various DLE architectures can have very different… Read More ›

How can technology enhance learning- infographic

Holistic Approach to Technology Enhanced Learning (HOTEL)

With this 1 million euros EU Support Action, focussing on adult learners and the design, testing and validation of a new innovation working method for TEL, the concept map of Learning Theory(with linked explanation for each theory) was built by Richard Millwood.(his blog: The Design of Learner-centred, Technology-enhanced Education, licensed under CC BY-SA) About HOTEL Many studies on the role of… Read More ›

You Can #MOOC Yourself

To share the experience learnt from MobiMOOC courses, which are free, open online courses on the subject of mobile learning. Inge Ignatia de Waard published an eBook MOOC YourSelf – Set up your own MOOC for Business, Non-Profits, and Informal Communities. (licensed with CC BY-SA) A MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, is a gathering of participants,… Read More ›

K-12 Distance Learning and Blended Learning Trend

By Maggie Wirtane, Rotational… Flex… Self-blended… Enriched-virtual… What are these terms describing? Apps? Cars? New types of virtual gaming? Actually, these terms describe a nascent form of learning referred to as blended learning or hybrid learning. Indeed, a 2011 report by the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) indicates that blended learning is on the rise and… Read More ›