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Network science textbook

The Network Science Textbook(1)


Network Science by Albert-László Barabási Network Science, a textbook for network science, is freely available under the Creative Commons licence. Follow its development on Facebook, Twitter or by signining up to our mailing list, so that we can notify you of new chapters and developments. The book is the result of a collaboration between a number… Read More ›

from W3C EPUB-WEB white paper

EPUB-WEB and Open Annotation

A portable document is a collection of content items (e.g. pages, chapters, modules, articles) structured as a single, self-contained logical unit. Individual items can consist of text, images, graphics, possibly interactive mathematical or chemical formulae, as well as audio and video. These documents by definition have a default, linear “reading order”, however the user may… Read More ›


Top Tips for Creating Accessible EPUB 3 Files

DIAGRAM stands for “Digital Image And Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials.” Established in 2010, The DIAGRAM Center is a research and development center whose goal is to dramatically change the way image and graphic content for Accessible Electronic Media (AEM) is produced and accessed, so that students with print disabilities are provided equal access to the general education curriculum. EPUB3 is… Read More ›

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The Accessibility of Learning Content for All Students Must Be Addressed

WASHINGTON, DC (June 23, 2014) – The State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) recently released a policy brief for state and district education leaders focused on considerations and strategies regarding the accessibility of digital content for all students. The brief, The Accessibility of Learning Content for All Students, Including Students with Disabilities, Must Be Addressed in the… Read More ›

publishing the open source way

How to Create an eBook The Open Source Way

by Bryan Behrenshausen, first published on OpenSource.Com, licensed with CC BY-SA Astute readers will have noticed that we’ve begun publishing our “Open Voices” eBooks in the ePub format. Now, some of our best essays and interviews are available as lightweight and portable files, and can be read on any electronic reading device that supports this open standard. And… Read More ›

Inclusive Learning Design to Rescue One-Size-Fits-All Flipped Classrooms (#OER)

In a world going digital, the accessbility of content does not seem to be a problem, right? Wrong! Many digital materials are NOT matching to different learners!  Watching videos is worse than reading paper books ? Does one-size-fits-all happen in the filpped classrooms? Yes, if teachers think it’s all about watching videos at home…. Video content… Read More ›

6 Major Recommendations for K-12 Textbook in a Digital Age

Founded in the fall of 2001, the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) is the principal association serving, supporting, and representing US state and territorial educational technology leadership. SETDA works in partnership with like-minded individuals and organizations as a forum for inter-state collaboration, cooperation, and best practices. To help the transition into digital textbook, through SETDA’s report : Out… Read More ›

Learning Content in the 3-5 Year Horizon

This slide deck is from the Next Is Now webinar delivered by Dr. Rob Reynolds on April 25, 2012. In his presentation, Rob explores key Internet trends affecting education, and makes projections regarding the future of learning technology and learning content. [slideshare id=12755800&doc=learningtechancontent3-5years-120501062032-phpapp02] More reading: The Shift to Touch Will Introduce Major Changes in Education… Read More ›

The History of Education and Textbooks [Infographic]

by Jessica Owen, Boundless ( To understand where we’re heading in education and edtech, it’s important to look back at our educational roots. As we searched for some of most memorable moments and discoveries in the history of education, we found there are lots of things that haven’t changed in hundreds of years! The groundwork for clunky, physical… Read More ›

8 Exemplary Open Textbooks and The Meaning Beyond Bringing Cost Down

For decades, college students have been exploited by publishers of introductory textbooks. But thing are changing, now there are several organizations bringing open textbooks to students., OpenStax College, Free High School Science Textbooks , BioQUEST, The Math Open Reference, Utah Open Textbook Project, Open Math, and Open Source Physics are only to name a few. More open textbooks information can be found in this… Read More ›

Re-imagine Education – Learning from Scientists Directly

About one year ago, as Apple announced its interest in digital textbook market, WIRED had an article which might not raise your awareness : Digital Textbooks Go Straight From Scientists to Students. Duke University’s Cachalot app, a novel digital textbook is designed for students enrolled in Duke’s Marine Megafauna class, but free for everyone, everywhere. Johnston, who… Read More ›

Why are Textbooks Bad for Education?

This post written by Justin Marquis Ph.D. was first published on : Why are Textbooks Bad for Education? An interesting video in the Edutopia “Big Thinkers” series, featuring my first faculty mentor at Indiana University, Sasha Barab, the leader of the Quest Atlantis project and now the Pinnacle West Presidential Chair in Teacher Education at Arizona State University is… Read More ›

The Best E-Texts (App) Created by Academics

Rowe, professor of English at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, and Elliott Visconsi, associate professor of English at Notre Dame, have co-designed The Tempest iPad app, they re-imagined reading. Jennifer Funk gave this story a write-up here (edcetera). “We’ve made the text manipulatable,” Rowe says. “We’ve said, ‘You can get your hands inside this electronic text in any way… Read More ›

Writing Textbooks at The Push of A Button

The first novel written by a computer has already been published four years ago. The future of content is increasingly becoming the stuff of science fiction. Not so sure? You must read this post from PATENTED BOOK WRITING SYSTEM CREATES, SELLS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF BOOKS ON AMAZON. Philip M. Parker, Professor of Marketing at INSEAD Business… Read More ›

What Makes Disruptive Digital Textbooks?

Free Textbooks Spell Disruption for College Publishers – this is how Technology Review talked about Boundless Learning, a Boston company that has begun giving away free electronic textbooks covering college subjects like American history, anatomy and physiology, economics, and psychology. Ariel Diaz started this company in 2011. What’s controversial is how Boundless creates these texts. The company trawls… Read More ›