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(Infographic) #Gamification and Instructional Design(4)


Great infographic from Mia McMeekin, enjoy! Behaviors are the atomic blocks of gamification designing and engineering, the purpose is to analyze and influence them for desired outcomes. If you think of xAPI (Experience API), the statement is true as well. xAPI and gamification are both data-driven, evidence-centered learning design strategy. They are both like a… Read More ›


Exploring #Gamification Techniques for Classroom Management

Exploring Gamification Techniques for Classroom Management. Paper Presented at Games+Learning+Society 9.0, Madison, WI. Available online here. (Author: Scott Nicholson, Syracuse University School of Information Studies) Abstract A variety of gamification techniques from the literature are used in two college courses. Some techniques, such as an experience point-based system and leaderboards, proved confusing or frustrating, while other techniques,… Read More ›

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Game Design and the Zone of Proximal Development

It’s an experience many parents have had: From time to time my kids invite me to play video games with them. We pick a multiplayer game like MarioCart or Halo and they proceed to beat me silly. I keep trying to show moderately credible performance with little success. And I wonder, “How long would I… Read More ›


The Most Effective Uses of Gamification in Learning

An Coppens Gamification in learning works best when you make the learner think and you let them experience the consequences of their choices. Andrew Hughes Gamification can transform your material into something meaningful that users will carry with them long after they’ve finished your training. Anya Andrews Besides the learner audience engagement and development of… Read More ›

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Gamifying Learning with Moodle (#GBL)

Think Moodle is an old and boring LMS, think again! There are quite a few emerging platforms aiming to facilitate “gamification of education”, but who can resist our old brother Moodle who is free, open-source, community-driven and has caught up the trend of gamifying learning. Badge, badge, badge From Moodle 2.5 and after, it’s possible… Read More ›


5 Easy Steps to #Gamifying #HigherEd

by Justin Marquis Ph.D. It’s time to get the party started with gamification in higher education. Maybe it’s the liberating feeling of the summer, or the fact that it is the perfect time for some educators to make improvements to their curriculums. Maybe I’m just sick of waiting for the gamification movement to bloom on its… Read More ›

3 Things about #Gamification of Education and Training – So True

Gamification isn’t just adding points, badges and terms onto the current curriculum. 3 Things I Wish Everyone Knew about Gamification from Remixing College English made good points about gamification for education and training. It’s an excellent article, you could follow the blog if you are serious about transforming your course through leveraging the ideas from gaming. ***** #1: Schooling is… Read More ›

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Increasing Engagement and Motivation through an Additive Grading System and Mastery Based Progression (#Gamification)

Rob Steller, Founder, Stellar Learning Innovations, LLC (makers of ClassXP) “Good morning, you all have an F.”    –    Lee Sheldon, Multiplayer Classroom In a way, the current education system is already set up like a game – just not a very well designed one. Students earn points (grades), gain levels (grades), and in… Read More ›

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The Core of Gamification for Education

Gamification for education might be a new term emerged in recent years. It represents the teaching practices that learn from good games. But some great educators probably have implemented the same philosophy in their learning activity design. This week Kevin Miklasz published 2 articles around this topic worth your reading. In the first post, he grouped James Gee’s… Read More ›

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Gamify Your Class with Moodle (#Gamification)

Some readers might wonder how well Learning Management System (LMS) could be integrated with gamifying mechanism after all the buzz about gamification. Moodleroom has explored why you might want to gamify your classroom, examples of gamification, and how to gamify with Moodle in this post : Best Practices: Gamify Your Class with Moodle. Activity completion and… Read More ›

Transforming Education with #Gamification: The Past, Present and Future (#GBL)

The education industry is in transition – from the obvious changes being wrought at the university level to wrenching, systemic transformation at K-12 in the United States. At the same time, educators are no strangers to games and gamification — they’ve long been used in the classroom. But if it’s such a powerful tool, why… Read More ›

10 Findings About Game-Based Learning (#GBL)

by Karl Kapp These are my slides from my fill-in session at the ASTD Evidence-Based Learning Conference. It was a great conference filled with wonderful questions, ideas and thoughts. [slideshare id=18233316&doc=10thingsweknowss-130405062408-phpapp01] 10 Take-Aways for serious game designers, educators and trainers :

Successful Story of Driving KM through #Gamification

There are some successful stories of gamification in enterprises that we can learn from. Here is one example from the article written by Conor Leeson : Driving KM behaviors and adoption through gamification. The same ideas might be applied in education organization as well. A briefing of the essentials is here: Key Behaviors Accenture began leveraging a gamification… Read More ›

Game Over – Try Again – Level Up (#GBL)

Creating effective classroom experiences through game-based mechanics and community, it works for children as well as adults. How I turned my classroom into a ‘living video game’—and saw achievement soar Teacher : Joli Barker Students : second graders School : Earl H. Slaughter Elementary School in McKinney, Texas I began the transformation of my classroom by looking at… Read More ›


Open Badges and 7 Strategies To Use Badges for Learning

Yesterday, Mozilla just released version 1.0 of its Open Badges standard, which offers digital badges in reward for verifiable achievements, skills and learning.  Open Badges is an open technical standard. Open Badges makes it easy to… earn badges for skills you learn online and offline give recognition for things you teach show your badges in the places that matter. Mozilla… Read More ›