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General Best Practices for Designing #mLearning Courses and Pages

(This is the 17th article of the series on learning design tips from dominKnow KnowledgeBase) mLearning is different from learning through reading manuals, watching videos, researching on the web, or participating in instructor-led training. That means it should be designed differently to help ensure it is a successful part of your training program. General tips for designing your… Read More ›

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Design of Contextualised Mobile Learning Applications (#mlearning)

The chapter 5 in the open licensed ebook “Increasing Access through Mobile Learning”(published by Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University, 2014) discusses several issues about linking the user experience to the current context of use.  (authored by Marcus Specht) The linking of the mobile learning support to the current context is seen as key to efficient and effective design of mobile learning applications…. Read More ›

Learning Layer Concept

Learning Layers and Co-design Mobile Learning (#mlearning)

Learning Layers is a large-scale research project co-funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme.The consortium consists of 17 institutions from 7 different countries. It aims to develop technologies that support informal learning in the workplace. The concepts and technologies we develop help to bridge the gap between scaling and adaptation to personal needs. By building… Read More ›

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Open Formats for Mobile Learning (#mlearning)

This briefing is drawn from “Increasing Access through Mobile Learning” (published by Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University, 2014) Ch. 8 Open Formats for Mobile Learning  —  Geoff Stead The U.S. government had sponsored a two-year technology research project to explore the technical challenges involved in deploying mLearning as a core element of its mainstream eLearning delivery. This chapter… Read More ›

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Open Educational Materials Made by The World’s Design Elite (#OER)

The Interaction Design Foundation was founded in 2002 by Mads Soegaard, formerly an employee of The Danish National Technological Institute; a partner at a web development company and a lecturer at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. In 2010, Mads was joined at by his wife Rikke Friis Dam, an independent consultant, filmmaker and… Read More ›


How to Design Mobile Game-Based Learning (#GBL, #mlearning) – Part I

Using game-based learning(GBL) or playful design for mobile learning is a great idea since people like to play games on their mobile devices. Game-Based Learning isn’t simply adding badges and leader boards to existing training. Carlton Reeve had created a series on how learning theories overlap with games. TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global Game-based Learning… Read More ›

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What Do These Newest Technologies Mean to Mobile Learning? (#mlearning)

What Do These New Technologies Mean to Mobile Learning? (#mlearning) How will you put them in mobile learning scenarios? Are you interested to have them involved in your instructional design or inside classrooms?  Tweet your idea with #mlearning. Depth-Sensing Cameras Head to Mobile Devices The first mobile depth-sensing technology to hit the market is likely… Read More ›


Online Session + Twitter Meet-up : #OER and Mobile Learning (#mlearning)

This is the last session of the OER MOOC, we hope you will join us and participate in the discussion. The course module is a web package, participants don’t need to sign up or login to any system. Just visit the permanent URL as below and you are good to go. You only need a Twitter… Read More ›


What Does #BYOD Mean for Content Developers? (#mlearning)

Everyone wants to go mobile today. But what’s out there is a mobile jungle – besides fragmentation across devices, platform fragmentation is very pronounced, and different mobile browsers is another factor you should consider. As BYOD(Bring Your Own Devices) is becoming common in workspace and schools, what does it mean for content developers? Mobile Jungle At… Read More ›

User Experience Design on Tablets

Learn how iPad users interact with apps and websites on their devices, and whether usability improves with time as people practice and learn new interfaces. Check out these reports from NN/G (Nielsen Norman Group) reveals how people use tablet applications as well as how they use websites on tablets. (download files here) The design guidelines are based on… Read More ›

UI Guidelines for Mobile and Tablet App Design

Remember to provide the best possible experience on each platform. Do not deliver an iPhone experience to a BlackBerry user. Every platform has its own UI and usability guidelines that every user is expecting on your app. iOS Human Interface Guidelines (iPhone, iPod and iPad) – PDF version Android User Interface Guidelines … Check out the full list… Read More ›

How Many Apps Should You Make to Create a Killer App?

Say you’re a mobile app developer trying to maximize your chances of striking gold with that one killer app. How many apps should you make? Four? Six? A dozen? The answer—if you’re making a non-game app—is: one. If you’re making a mobile game, however, you should make a lot more than that. This is one… Read More ›

The Mobile Learning Decision Path

A New Tool for Instructional Designers – The Mobile Learning Decision Path (#mlearning)

From Advanced Distributed Learning : Design requirements for desktop e-learning applications are different than the design requirements for mobile learning applications. Too often, these differences have been oversimplified or glossed over—reducing “design” to merely forcing desktop content to a smaller screen. The result is a poor user experience and lost training or performance support opportunities. Produced… Read More ›

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Writing Effective Test Questions (Best Practices)

(This is the 6th article of the series of learning design tips from dominKnow KnowledgeBase) Focus on writing an objective test. Ideally, add at least one test question to each Learning Object and ensure the question addresses the learning objective (see What is a Learning Objective?). If you are making a bank of test questions… Read More ›

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Mobile Learning Isn’t Just Another Delivery Method

With mobile devices getting popular and ubiquitous, mobile learning is one of the most important trends in the learning industry. In the Horizon report for K-12 edition just released last week, mobile learning is predicted to become the main stream  in the near term (less than one year). While it may have the following features: informal,… Read More ›