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educational technology in the global village

Educational Technology for the Global Village

The possibilities afforded by instructional technology to build bridges between the diverse peoples of the world seem endless. The technological advances such as the Internet, Skype, mobile telephones, and wireless connectivity are making the world “smaller” by eliminating barriers to instantaneous communication, it is not clear what the moral response to this smaller world should be… Read More ›


How Google Is Changing Education

“Education lies at the very core of our company’s mission, to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” — Page and Brin Google and other search engines are fundamentally changing the way our brains process and retain information. Is Google Making Us Stupid? When printed books were just introduced in the human… Read More ›

Thinking Space of the DeFT Project

An Open Resource on Digital Literacy for Educators

Have you ever considered some key questions about digital literacy and educators, or Digital Future in Teacher Education  ? What do we mean by Digital Literacy? What are the elements of Digital Literacy? What are the cross-cutting themes associated with Digital Literacy? What does Digital Literacy mean in schools? What does Digital Literacy mean for learners? How… Read More ›

"how to do research" interactive game

Beginner’s Guide to Research – Interactive Game from Rutgers University

Beth Dichter‘s scoop “Eclectic Technology” introduced this free interactive game from Rutgers University – Beginner’s Guide to Research : If you are looking for an interactive tool to help your students learn how to do research check out this guide from Rutgers. There are five modules that explore: * Selecting a Topic * Finding Sources… Read More ›

digital literacy

Enjoy 27 Digital Citizenship “Cookies”

An Ethical Island is a very interesting blog by a university teacher. Compared with all other articles or presentations talking about digital literacy, this infographic from An Ethical Island delivers the ideas in a friendly way. It’s like a plate presenting 27 small cookies which are easy to enjoy!

May is California Digital Citizenship Month!

“Every day, your students are tested with each post, search, chat, text message, file download, and profile update. Will they connect with like minds or spill TMI to the wrong people? Will they behave creatively or borrow ideas recklessly? Will they do the right thing or take shortcuts?”  — from Common Sense Media Join Common Sense, California… Read More ›

digital maker

“Make Things Do Stuffs” Supports a Generation of Young Makers

News from Maker Faire UK, published here : Make Things Do Stuff To encourage young people to get involved in digital making across the UK, seven projects are receiving a share of a £260,000 fund run by Nesta and Nominet Trust, in partnership with Mozilla, to encourage and stimulate learning through making. The fund was set-up… Read More ›

digital literacy

Teach the Web: a Mozilla MOOC for Webmaker Mentors

from Teach the Web Learn how to teach digital literacies, master webmaking tools, develop your own educational resources, and take what you learned back to your communities and classrooms. Join us for this free and open online course. As part of our non-profit mission, Mozilla believes that web literacy—the understanding how digital things work—is an… Read More ›

The Learner as Orchestrator of Personal Learning Network

In modern working life, professionals need to perform flexibly and independently in ever–changing environments (Castells, 2000). To be able to do this effectively, they depend on various lifelong learning skills, among others autonomous and self–directed learning. As they are partly supported in their learning by interaction with their peers, an essential life–long learning skill they… Read More ›

“How To Do Research” Game

“How To Do Research” game is presented by Kentucky Virtual Library. It’s designed for kids to learn how to do research independently with kids-friendly user experience. Did you know that you can access “all the information in the known universe”? It’s true! In libraries and on the internet, you can find answers to almost any question… Read More ›

The 7 Powerful Idea Shifts In Learning Today

by Terry Heick, : Shift_Learning: The 7 Most Powerful Idea Shifts In Learning Today So we’re taking a stand here. This is all incredibly subjective, but so are the VH1 Top 100 Hair Bands Videos and those are fun, am I right? So subjective it is. Let’s make a list. A list of ideas that are… Read More ›


Inanimate Alice – Digital Storytelling and Creating Your Own

Inanimate Alice is a digital novel (with text, images, sound, and interaction) narrated by a girl named Alice who travels the world with her family and her virtual friend Brad. There are so much teachers and students can do with it. Copied from its recent flyer : Nurturing Old and New Literacies Teachers around the… Read More ›

Upgrading After School Programs for A Digital Age

From The Cooney Center : Upgrading Afterschool: Common Sense Shifts in Expanded Learning for a Digital Age The Cooney Center’s Executive Director Michael H. Levine and Rafi Santo (Indiana University) have co-authored a chapter called “Upgrading Afterschool: Common Sense Shifts in Expanded Learning for a Digital Age” in the new book from the Expanding Learning &… Read More ›

Happy Digital Learning Day 2013!

Leah Gilliam from Hive Learning Network was at the National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks Annual Meeting in DC where she’s participating in two sessions and highlighting some of the exciting work that has come from the rich collaborations and partnerships within Hive NYC. One session explores how to build and sustain digital learning opportunities… Read More ›

Are You Ready for a Connected Learning Year?

Honor Moorman reviewed resources for global collaboration opportunities for learning. Her best advice is to tap into an existing project. There are lots of them! She is the Associate Director for Professional Development and Curriculum at Asia Society. Passionate about 21c skills, especially global competence and new literacies.