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Linked document and Linked Data

Experience API (xAPI): Potential for Open Educational Resources – Part 3

(Continued from Experience API (xAPI): Potential for Open Educational Resources – Part 2) Linked Data for Open and Distance Learning Mathieu d’Aquin (The Open University, UK) is one of the world’s leading experts in artificial intelligence. He had created a report “Linked Data for Open and Distance Learning”  for the Commonwealth of Learning to utilize Semantic… Read More ›

The Open Education Handbook

Open Education Handbook

“The Open Education Handbook“(link to SlideWiki) is a collaboratively written living web document targeting educational practitioners and the education community at large and has been developed through a series of offline and online events. During its evolution the handbook has received contributions from organisations and individuals that span sectors and countries. The writing of the handbook… Read More ›

MOOC, open learning

A Data Analysis of the #MOOC Research Initiative

From The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (IRRODL) Where is Research on Massive Open Online Courses Headed? A data analysis of the MOOC Research Initiative By Dragan Gašević, Vitomir Kovanović, Srećko Joksimović, George Siemens Abstract This paper reports on the results of an analysis of the research proposals submitted to the MOOC… Read More ›

OER world map api

Open Educational Resources World Map (#OER)

The OER world map is an operational service, which allows to: input data through web forms display data on a world map with basic functionalities fulltext search with several filters (e.g. for geographic area, country, resource type) This prototype was developed by hbz and Felix Ostrwoski from February to April 2014 with funding by the… Read More ›

How can Badges be Used in Seamless Mobile Learning

Digital Badges and Mobile Learning

In the twenty-first century, learning takes place almost everywhere, at all times, on all kinds of paths and at all kinds of paces. With the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen, young people and adults can access a wealth of information, analyze it, and produce new knowledge at any time. They can do this, moreover, on a “just-in-time” basis,… Read More ›

xAPI and learning badges and e-Portfolio

The Learning Story of YOU (#mlearning)

Ever since the beginning of the Internet age, all things and processes can be digitized and hence exchanged through the Internet are only getting more decentralized and democratized. This trend includes learner-centered learning, and that a learner can involve in plotting his/her own learning story, personalized his/her own learning journey. Can you tell the significance of… Read More ›


20 Mobile Strategies to Increase Learner Interaction in a #MOOC (#mlearning)

As mobile learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs) become the latest global reality. What are the similar characteristics of both? How can they bring an impact to each other? Inge Ignatia De Ward has done an interesting research on the impact of mobile access on learner interactions in a MOOC. She has ever organized MobiMOOC course –… Read More ›

How to Locate #OER and Other Learning Resources Efficiently

Open Educational Resources can be as large and comprehensive as a course or textbook (including one enhanced with images, multimedia, and assessments), or as small as an image, video clip, or worksheet. OER can take virtually all formats, including print, audio, images, video, animation, and other types of instructional content, though they are most often thought… Read More ›

Guide to Open Access Journals

Traditionally, college students have spent long nights in campus libraries thumbing through leatherbound volumes of academic journals and research reports. The importance of these publications has remained intact over the years, but most of today’s tech-savvy students opt to access this information using online databases. These sites generally fall into two categories. Some databases require… Read More ›


Open Educational Resource University Has been Launched Worldwide

Free, credit-bearing online learning has become accessible for students worldwide. The Open Educational Resource university, or OERu – a project of the UNESCO-Commonwealth of Learning OER Chair network – was unveiled on 1 November, promising to “revolutionise tertiary learning”. The OERu is a consortium of more than thirty universities, polytechnics and community colleges from five continents… Read More ›

tux toolbox

12 Kinds of Online Tools to Build Your #MOOC

You Can MOOC Yourself! Inge Ignatia de Waard published an eBook MOOC YourSelf – Set up your own MOOC for Business, Non-Profits, and Informal Communities. It’s a manual for you to build your MOOC. She also made a short list of social media tools that are useful for MOOC, why you could use it in a course and… Read More ›

open educational resources

8 Search Engines for Open Educational Resources (#OER)

By Santosh Bhaskar K OER (Open Educational Resources) are freely accessible, usually openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, educational assessment and research purposes i.e. They include learning content (course materials), tools (software to create and manage open learning content) and licenses. OER lowers the cost of educational materials, develops innovative content and… Read More ›


Open Source LMS from University of Zurich

OLAT(Online Learning and Training) is an open source learning management system (LMS) which delivers learning services for large academic institutions to help their people accomplish a meaningful teaching and learning experience. Its continued development is funded by the University of Zurich where it is the strategic LMS. There are approximately 70,000 users and nearly 50 institutions in Switzerland using OLAT (with… Read More ›

5 open source tools

Five Open Source Tools for Hands-on Learning

Teaching is not simply the delivery of content, via lecture-taxi, to passive minds. Participation and collaboration ignites powerful learning, and empowers students to engage in thoughtful, meaningful scholarship. And open source can be the catalyst. Here are five great open source applications for learning, recommended by Charlie and first published on Xournal Annotation, journaling, and note-taking… Read More ›

mobile man

Online Session : #OER and Mobile Learning (#mlearning)

Open Educational Resources(OER) and mobile learning are both equalizers to eliminate education opportunity gap. Today mobile technologies are often common even in areas where schools, books and computers are scarce. As the price of mobile phone ownership continues to decline, more and more people, including those in extremely impoverished areas, are likely to own and know how to use a… Read More ›