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Working Out Loud to Build The Community Mind

An interesting infographic from :

connected learning in the Starcraft community

Connected Learning in the Starcraft II Community

StarCraft, a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, has been labeled by many of its participants as the chess of the twenty-first century. A report published by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub has interesting findings about this addictive game. By examining the StarCraft II community from both player and developer perspectives, the understanding of the… Read More ›

Social Learning Analytics applied in a MOOC-environment

Social Learning Analytics applied in a MOOC-environment

Published on Open Education Europa, a paper presents an example of a Social Learning Analytics Tool to visualize real-time discussion activities in a MOOC environment. Practitioners and researchers can read how to implement and use such a SLA tool as a plugin in practice. We will learn how a collaboration between a teacher (Susan Voogd), a SLA… Read More ›

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Kids, You have Another World to Create

Clarissa is a 17-year-old aspiring screenwriter, growing up in a working-class household in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passion is fantasy fiction. When friends introduced her to an online role-playing site that involved writing fiction interactively, she jumped at the chance to connect with others who shared her interest. Online, she found a community of like-minded peers who… Read More ›

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Data about New Kinds of Learners

Take-aways : four big points about the impact of technology on learning By Lee Rainie,  Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project on Sep 30, 2013 Networked Learners from Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

The Learner as Orchestrator of Personal Learning Network

In modern working life, professionals need to perform flexibly and independently in ever–changing environments (Castells, 2000). To be able to do this effectively, they depend on various lifelong learning skills, among others autonomous and self–directed learning. As they are partly supported in their learning by interaction with their peers, an essential life–long learning skill they… Read More ›

See The World from The Perspective of Leadership

Today’s President’s Day, Annie Vincent from picked 5 trending boards on Learnist about leadership. Let’s see the world from the perspective of leadership! 1. Educational Leadership: Leadership in education is not rocket science…….so why is it done so baadly so often? 2. Leadership: This will focus on leadership and the development of leadership traits. 3. Value Based Leadership: Sherri… Read More ›

30+ Google+ Accounts and Communities to Follow

More professionals are making use of Google+ accounts and communities for its ease of usage and integration with Google Apps. We also see Google is providing more services for education, including the Google Course Builder on which Google offers its Power Search MOOC courses.(new course will start in this week) had pulled together a recommendation… Read More ›

Research Report on Why Maker-Driven, Connected Learning is Important

Young learners today have the whole world at their fingertips in ways that were unimaginable just a generation ago. No matter how broad and deep the knowledge they need, everything is just a click away. How will their learning be different ? How should they benefit from that and not the opposite ? A report about… Read More ›

A Handbook for Self-organizing Self-learners

Kicking off the learning journey of 2013, many MOOCs just started last week, Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum  from Open University (#OLDSMOOC_w1) and #ETMOOC (focused on educational technology) from a group of thought leaders are especially for educators, while DS106 on digital storytelling is for anyone who likes to tell stories in digital forms. Of course, storytelling… Read More ›

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Connected Learning Manifesto

by Justin Marquis Ph.D. Much of the writing on Education Unbound is focused on evaluating existing programs or innovations to explain how best to use them or to examine their efficacy or applicability in larger contexts. The recent open call on Twitter to help develop the Connected Learning Manifesto provides a different focus however. This invitation to help create… Read More ›

25 Twitter Chats for Career and Internship Information

Are the students in your classrooms ready for the job market? Or do they like to explore some careers or internship opportunities they are interested in even they are still young?  Isn’t the main purpose of education about building up the competencies for real world? It will be a good idea for youths to look… Read More ›

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Connected Learning Principles and Resources

The MacArthur Foundation has just launched a new research initiative called Connected Learning, which is focused on building models for connected learning — “learning that is socially connected, interest-driven, and oriented towards educational opportunity.” Here’s Henry Jenkins’ take on the new endeavor. Dr. Eric Mazur’s Peer Instruction has recently started up some similiar resources: Peer Instruction Network(their Blog). And, this post is… Read More ›

Building a Learning Network for Students

As Pew Research Center just published its report on new kinds of learners emerging from ubiquitous mobile connectivity on EDUCAUSE2011 recently. Now learners are self directed, less top down, more reliant on feedback and response, more inclined to collaboration, more open to cross discipline insights, more oriented towards people being their own idividual nodes of… Read More ›

Why Teachers Should be Blogging or Glogging ?

We’ve talked about Teachers’ sharing enables doing more with less in education. We like to quote two excellent articles from two education leaders for this advocacy. The first one is from Justin Tarte blog : 10 reasons to get educators blogging… First off, the 5 reasons that educators should start reading blogs : Blogs are the heart of learning and… Read More ›