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Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework (MLCF)

The Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework is a framework that is in a state of perpetual beta. The Framework is build in order to enable all educational institutes and schools to implement mobile learning in their existing or future curriculum. The MLCF is open science, so open to all. In the wake of a telecommunications landscape that… Read More ›

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Kids, You have Another World to Create

Clarissa is a 17-year-old aspiring screenwriter, growing up in a working-class household in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passion is fantasy fiction. When friends introduced her to an online role-playing site that involved writing fiction interactively, she jumped at the chance to connect with others who shared her interest. Online, she found a community of like-minded peers who… Read More ›

50 Resources to Use Animation as a Teaching Tool

A purple monster with wild curls spiraling out of control explains the economics of oil production in the Sudan to students in Los Angeles, Sydney, Berlin, Jerusalem, and Riyadh. That is education and animation working together to teach students everywhere, everything they ever wanted to know. Educators need only utilize the tools available, most of… Read More ›

A Taxonomy of Education Standards

14 Important Initiatives for Education Big Data and More

Just like Sheryl Abshire(Chief Technology Officer of Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, LA) pointed out : Districts already have more data than they can manage, and the new assessments and teacher evaluations for 2014 promise to add more to the overflowing pile of numbers. District leaders are overwhelmed right now because they face many changes in 2014,… Read More ›

The mobile learning environment

Learning through A Constructivist Approach with Mobile Device (#mlearning)

The paper on “mobile learning through indigenous languages: learning through a constructivist approach“(Creative Commons BY 3.0 licence) written by Mmaki Jantjies and Mike Joy reports on a case study in a South African high school that evaluated the potential use of mobile learning to support bilingual learners using a constructivist learning approach. With their research they provide… Read More ›

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From Learning Content Provider to Learning Facilitator

From “Innovating Pedagogy”(2012, 2013) published by The Open University, several emerging pedagogies and trends were studied. Publisher-led short courses are short courses offered by publishers either in affiliation with recognised educational providers, or independently. The publisher’s incentive is to understand learners in the subject areas covered by their regular publications, and to engage consumers in extended learning… Read More ›

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Gamifying Learning with Moodle (#GBL)

Think Moodle is an old and boring LMS, think again! There are quite a few emerging platforms aiming to facilitate “gamification of education”, but who can resist our old brother Moodle who is free, open-source, community-driven and has caught up the trend of gamifying learning. Badge, badge, badge From Moodle 2.5 and after, it’s possible… Read More ›

10 Fantastic, Must Have iPad Apps for the Classroom

You’re a teacher and your school has handed you an iPad. You’re expected to do something with it and you’re freaking out. Where to start? What to do? What apps should I start with? When I first started on the iPad journey, I downloaded so many apps, it was impossible to learn how to use them all effectively…. Read More ›

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Mobile Learning with Moodle – Part I

MOODLE is a free open-source learning management system (LMS) that teachers can use to develop online courses, or to enhance their face-to-face classes with online components. These days, learners will access Moodle from a variety of devices, not just a Desktop computer. Moodle Mobile App is a free App available on iOS and Android devices for Moodle… Read More ›

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Lesson 1 of “Using OER to Create K-12 Curriculum (Mobile Apps)”

This is the lesson 1 of online PD course “Using OER to Create K-12 Curriculum“, we are transforming this course into “Using OER to Create Mobile Apps“. Stay tuned! Fast forward to the future, there will be no textbook, only mobile Apps. There are interactions, conversations, frequent and instant feedback for learners and teachers, learning… Read More ›

how technology benefits special education

How Technology Benefits Special Education

By Rebecca Louis Students with speech delays, autism, cerebral palsy and down syndrome have found new ways to express themselves, thanks to modern technology. Source: A Brief History of Children with Special Education Needs Before the 1800s: Persons with physical and mental disabilities were targets of discrimination across cultures for thousands of years. On virtually… Read More ›

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Mobile Learning Transforming Workplace Can Be Applied to Education As Well (#mlearning)

Being a leader in providing mobile technologies for business or education, Qualcomm published an article explores how the Internet and mobile broadband technologies that are transforming the work of business professionals may be applied to the work of teachers and students in K‐20 schooling, with similarly transformative outcomes. Over the past decade, trends in education have increasingly begun… Read More ›

5 open source tools

Five Open Source Tools for Hands-on Learning

Teaching is not simply the delivery of content, via lecture-taxi, to passive minds. Participation and collaboration ignites powerful learning, and empowers students to engage in thoughtful, meaningful scholarship. And open source can be the catalyst. Here are five great open source applications for learning, recommended by Charlie and first published on Xournal Annotation, journaling, and note-taking… Read More ›

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Mobile Learning Can Transform Education, Engage Students, and Improve Outcomes

Today, The Brookings Institution just released a paper in conjunction with the event Mobile Learning: Transforming Education and Engaging Students and Teachers hosted by the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings at the same day. Mobile Learning: Transforming Education, Engaging Students, and Improving Outcomes Mobile learning represents a way to address a number of our educational problems. Devices such as… Read More ›

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What You Need to Know When Publishing Learning Content (#mlearning)

After you finish the authoring of learning content, you need to decide which option(s) of publishing formats to be used. Actually having the available options in your mind before authoring the content is suggested, because the options might be limited with your chosen tool. You want your learning and performance support content to be as accessible as possible… Read More ›