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Dataviz and preattentive-processing

Read Your xAPI Data in 5 Minutes by Leveraging Dataviz

Experience API, xAPI, is the latest learning standard built by ADL team (under DoD) and open community. Improved from Activity Streams standard for social media, a lot of properties are defined and added into xAPI standard for learning experiences. That allows us to record rich and granular information about object, result or context(including content structure, time stamp,… Read More ›

Connect your product with xAPI ecosystem

What Can #EdTech Business Learn from Uber?

In the past several years, the proliferation of learning technologies is exciting, many EdTech products use “freemium” business model to enter classrooms. But this also results in severe data silos issue, not to say workflow integration is left to users to handle. When a new type of EdTech product gets popular, it’s not too hard… Read More ›

xAPI Analytics & Visualization

From Data Silos to Data Literacy (#xAPI)

How do I know? Do learners really study the learning contents when I implement Flipped Learning/Teaching method? How does each learner use the learning content? Does the content or my pedagogy work for each one? What can be improved for different preferences or abilities? I use so many technology tools and applications, how to put… Read More ›

experience API data round trip

Leveraging #xAPI to Transform Your Learning Content and Solution

Learning records data can build feedback loops to learning designers, HR decision makers and learners. For the feedback loops to work effectively, it must cycle frequently supplying rich and accurate feedback to learners and educators/trainers. Here is the first scenario case study to demonstrate how xAPI learning records data are leveraged to give feedback (visualization) to… Read More ›

It’s about The Learning, Not The Tools

Frankly I’m tired of tools. Exhausted from experimenting. Weary of web 2.0 options popping up on a daily basis… Well not entirely. Is this how you feel these days. Edna Sackson wrote about “It’s about the learning, not the tools…” with this thought as a “kick-off” idea . And I really like she pointed us to a… Read More ›

Google World Wonders Project

From the archaeological areas of Pompeii to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Google’s World Wonders Project aims to bring to life the wonders of the modern and ancient world. This project is under Google Cultural Institute which aims to to provide a visually rich and interactive online experience for telling cultural stories online. Discover exhibits by expert… Read More › Is A New Creative Collaboration Tool

Buenos Aires-based startup opened its doors to the public today, delivering a new way to collect, share and brainstorm on the web. The tool mixes a little bit of Evernote with a whole lot ofPrezi, but rather than feel derivative, it instead seems like the next natural step in the ongoing evolution of how we not… Read More ›

10 Visualization Tools Selected by Educator for Educator

by Ellyssa Kroski, iLibrarian of Data visualization and infographics tools are a great way to keep students and readers engaged. Here are ten free applications which will enable you to create your own infographics, maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams: Creately The free version of Creately enables users to design and store 5 diagrams which can include Venn diagrams,… Read More ›

ICT for Visual Learners – Tools, Resources and LMS

Visual learners are those whose prefered learning style (in a learning situation) is what they see. These learner like seeing teachers body language and facial expressions, pictures, illustrations, diagrams, posters, cartoons, collages, slide shows, TV Shows, videos, flowcharts, coloring books, graphs, charts, maps, flash cards, underlining and highlighting. So these forms are more effective for them to catch… Read More ›

instaGrok, search engine

A Research Engine for Differentiated Learning

There are a lot of search engines out there, I know, we’ve also mentioned some options about Surfing Internet and Learning Safely. But if you look into InstaGrok, you will learn how much different search could be done today. We should call it a research engine (instead of search engine) that adds value to search results. These are main features… Read More ›

visualization, UDL, UDI

Resources about Universal Design for Learning

In Digital Learning should be Personalized Learning, we pointed to Universal Design for Learning as it is indeed a vital piece of digital learning in 21st century. While in the K12 space it is often referred to as Universal Design for Learning, it is more commonly known as Universal Design of Instruction, UDI; several sections of the educational sector have implemented… Read More ›